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This is probably THE question that comes up all the time, especially as summer approaches in Norway.

How do tolls and ferries work in Norway? How to pay, how to register your vehicle. In short, how to get by? because i agree it’s not clear at all . Autopass, Epass24, tag or not, and ferries… many cases, few explanations.

So I’m going to try and clear it all up for you, here we go!

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Paying tolls in Norway made easy

There are no tolls like we know in France, where you stop at a barrier and pay. All tolls are automatic: they read license plates or use a tag. When you travel in Norway, you’re likely to pass a lot of tolls. Now they’re introducing city tolls and bridge crossings, which cost a lot of money, so if you do things right, you’ll make some welcome savings. So, here’s the very simplified version first – we’ll go into more detail later:

  1. Case 1: one-off registration of the license plate: just declare the license plate, and that’s it! You’ll then receive your invoice. But this simple step is enough.
  2. Case 2: you can order the toll tag from a service provider. This is used to register your license plate, and to obtain discounts on ferries and tolls.
    1. Once you’ve got the toll tag, you can register with autopassferge for great discounts on ferries.

So, to put it simply, registering with Epass24 is all you need to do! The next steps are all about getting discounts. So it’ll be more or less useful depending on your journeys and how long you’ll be there.

Now, let’s go into more detail for each step.

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CASE 1 – Register your license plate with Epass24

Autopass and Epass24 are 2 providers that manage toll payments in Norway. You need to register with them, register your license plate.

Registering with EPASS24 allows you to register your license plate. This is essential if you don’t want a box to put in your car.

  • Advantage: it’s super-fast, and payments are made smoothly.
  • Disadvantage: you don’t get any discounts on tolls.

So, when should you register for EPASS24?

  • If you’re running late and don’t have time to receive the tag
  • If you don’t want to benefit from discounts on tolls and ferries
  • If you’re not staying up there for long (in my opinion)
  • If you simply don’t want to bother

Here’s the registration link Epass24

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How to pay with EPASS24

It’s quite simple. You have 2 options:

  • Either you receive a global invoice (I think every 20th of the month), which you have to pay by bank transfer.
  • Or you can opt for “automatic” card payment. When you pass a toll, the administration sends the information to EPASS24. At that point, you pay automatically using your credit card information. Let’s just say it’s the easiest way to go.

How to pay for ferries automatically

If you use EPASS24, you won’t benefit from the discounts on ferries offered by Autopassferje.

But you can still pay for ferries automatically with FERRYPAY, on which you have to register your car. FERRYPAY is for full payment only.

If you benefit from any discounts, such as for electric cars, it won’t be taken into account. So in that case, you’ll need to ask for your tag, which will give you access to the discounts (case 2 explained below). Please note that “tourist” ferries don’t necessarily use Ferrypay. So you may have to pay when you get there

CASE 2 – Receive a tag to pay tolls with Skyttelpass

If you want to benefit from discounts on tolls and ferries, and you’re staying in Norway for a while with your vehicle, then it’ s best to ask for the toll tag, the little box you put in your car.

This device is used to identify you at toll booths, and to pay automatically.

Several service providers offer this device, and they are listed on the Autopass website. Skyttelpass, Flyt, Brobizz… However, we’ll just take SkyttelPASS as an example. Why? Because it’s the best known and reminds me of skittles. You can see how serious the study is.

Well, I’ve done a bit of comparison, and these different toll tags have the same advantages

What are the advantages of using an electronic toll tag in Norway?

That’s right, before you say “let’s take it”, you need to see if it’s right for you, or if you’d rather just register your license plate. Here are the advantages of taking an electronic toll tag:

    • 20% discount on all tolls and tunnels managed by Autopass (for vehicles up to 3.5 tons)
    • 10% discount for ferries that use Autopass to manage their payments
    • 10% on the Moss Horten ferry in Oslo (said to be the busiest ferry in the country)
    • and, best of all, you can register with Autopassferje to benefit from up to 50% discount on your ferry journeys!
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Order your electronic toll tag with Skyttelpass

It’s super simple. But first, you need to think ahead. Because it can take several weeks. Usually 10 days / 2 weeks, but I’ve read comments that it can take longer. So really, order a month in advance if you can.The tag costs 200 NOK, or about 18€. There’s no monthly fee or anything like that. You pay for the tag, then the tolls, and that’s it!

  1. Login to SkyttelPASS
  2. Click on Order Tag (tag, that’s the box)
  3. You need to enter your phone number to confirm that it’s you. The format is +33.6(or 7).xx.xx.xx.xx for France
  4. Enter the code received, click on Bekreft Kode
  5. You have all the terms and conditions, in Norwegian. Don’t bother translating and reading (I’ve read it, there’s no wolf), just go to the bottom and click on Jeg Godtar to confirm.
  6. The form is in Norwegian, so you can either translate it into French with Chrome (it works fine), or you can directly put this :
    • privat (because you’re a private individual)
    • Fødselsdato = date of birth
    • kredittkord to pay by card
    • Fornavn etternavn = first and last name
    • e-post : your email address
    • your email address again (to avoid mistakes)
    • your delivery address (number and street)
    • an additional address if necessary (here I’ll put the city, as we don’t ask for it afterwards)
    • Land = country
    • Postnummer = postal code
    • Poststed and Kampanjekode = no need to fill in
    • Lag passord til Min Side = your password

Next, you’ll be asked to fill in your car’s details:

  • registration
  • country
  • fuel type
  • weight (over or under 3.5 tons)

And finally, you’ll be asked to pay. Please note that you’ll receive the tag at the address indicated, so make sure there are no errors. Keep your kundenummer (customer number) and brikkenummer (approval number)

How to install your tag in your car

Quite honestly, it’s super simple. And even better, it’s all explained here on the image below. You need to put it visible, on the windshield (inside, I might add), next to the middle mirror.

How to pay tolls with SkyttelPass or other tags

SkyttelPass does not vary from the others. You can pay :

  • by credit card, automatically
  • by bank transfer once you’ve received the invoice

In general, you’ll receive one invoice per month. If you choose to pay automatically by card, you’ll automatically pay every NOK 100. Then smaller payments once a week. Note that electric vehicles have between 50 and 100% discount.

Vols Norvege

Register with Autopassferje to get discounts on ferries

Taking ferries is a common occurrence in Norway.

To cross fjords, to go from island to island, there are journeys that necessarily require you to take these ferries or long tunnels, to avoid making very big detours. And this can quickly become expensive.

So the good news is that if you register with Autopassferje, you’ll get up to 50% off. And more if you have an electric vehicle. To benefit from the maximum discounts, you must :

  • have a valid Autopass tag (Skyttelpass, Flyt or other)
  • make a prepayment of NOK 2,000, from which your ferries will be deducted.

Not all ferries use Autopass, but most do. If you want to estimate prices (because they’re all different, of course), you can look at this page, and apply the 50% discount.

For ferries, usually tourist ones, that don’t use Autopass, you’ll have to pay by card on the boat. But if you want to know which ferries use Autopass Ferje, you’ll find the complete list here.

When you register, you’ll need to enter your brikkenummer, which you received when you registered for the tag (essential).

Ferry crossings are therefore deducted from your NOK 2,000. If you still have a balance at the end, you’ll need to contact them by email to get your money back. In general, this takes 4 weeks.

There are the country’s main ferries, the main routes such as Bodo – Lofoten, as well as the route from Senja to Tromso or from Breivikeidet to the Lyngen Alps.

Paying for ferries with FERRY PAY

If you don’t have a tag but still want to pay for ferries automatically, as with EPASS24, FerryPay is for you.

This is ONLY if you don’t have a tag. You won’t get a discount, you pay full price. Exactly like EPASS24.

The license plate is read at each ferry entrance.

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Pay tolls with Autopass for rental cars

So it’s both very simple and not at all.

If you rent a car in Norway (whether from Getaround or a professional rental company), your car is obligatorily registered with Autopass.

This means you can use the ferries, tunnels and pay tolls. The rental company will pass on the cost of passage to you, but you won’t get any discounts. Even if the rental company has discounts, it should not apply them to you.

When I received my invoices, I realized that I was paying full price. There’s no such thing as a small profit. After all, unless you’re staying for 1 month and doing a whole bunch of trips in the fjords, it shouldn’t represent a very large sum.

Can I register my rental car with Autopassferje? Yes! It’s indicated on their site, so even if it’s a rental car, you can register it. This will replace the rental company’s approval for the given date. You’ll then receive the invoices with the discounts directly. That’s great.

Can I order a tag for a rental car? That’s more complicated. Skyttelpass, Flyt, Brobizz don’t mention it.
I’ve just sent a message to Skyttelpass to find out. The difficulty is that we don’t have the license plate number until we’ve received the car. After that, it’s a 20% discount on tolls and tunnels. So I don’t know how important it is (well, if you drive through the Tromso toll 4 times a day, it might be worth it), but the most important thing will be Autopassferje, where the discounts are much greater.


Rent a car in Norway from Discover Cars

Discover Cars Location voiture pas chère Norvège
  • Rent a car from many airports or in the city
  • Small model, SUV or electric for adventure
  • Prices from €25

City tolls, bridges and tunnels to be paid for in Norway

Norwegian cities are increasingly introducing congestion charges. And it can be expensive. The latest is Tromso, which has introduced a toll at the entrance to the city.

Here’s a list of cities that have introduced a congestion charge:

  • Alesund
  • Bergen
  • Bodo
  • Forde
  • Grenland
  • Harstad
  • Haugesund
  • Kristiansand
  • Oslo
  • Tromso
  • Trondheim

Estimating the cost of tolls and ferries in Norway

Websites like Viamichelin, Waze, don’t give an estimate of tolls in Norway.

On the other hand, on the Fremtindservice site, you have the routes, the estimated tolls and the total cost of your route. For example, you can see that a Bergen – Alesund trip would cost either 76NOK or 150, depending on the route chosen.

You can also find out about Autopass discounts

Motorcycles and tolls in Norway

According to the Vegvesen Road Administration website, motorcycles are exempt from tolls. There seem to be a few exceptions, but I haven’t been able to find them either.

However, you will have to pay the ferries. So what do you do if you don’t have the little tag (because it’s not easy to install it on a motorcycle)? Easy!

You can register your steed on the Autopass Ferje website and benefit from (substantial) discounts. They’ll take a photo of your license plate and off you go.

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That’s it! I think I’ve told you everything, so basically:

  • if you just want to register your plate (which is mandatory) electronically, it’s EPASS24 + FERRYPAY
  • if you want to benefit from discounts on tolls, tunnels and especially ferries, then you need the Toll Tag:
    • get it IN ADVANCE from a service provider like Skyttelpass (4 weeks at least)
    • then register with Autopassferje for ferry discounts
    • and make a prepayment of 2000 NOK

In the end, it’s not that complicated once you’ve got the info. It’s just a huge mess between all these organizations, knowing who does what. So I hope I’ve given you the information you need 🙂 And if you still have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me

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