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Accommodation in TROMSO during a stay is a real problem, and for at least two reasons. First of all, the number of hotels is low. Tromso is a small island, everything is concentrated on it and it is already overflowing. Secondly, the prices are basically high. Norway is a pricy country, that doesn’t help. Then, as it has become a very trendy destination, the prices go up, especially during the very touristy season, i.e. February/March.

The idea of this article is to tell you about several hotels in TROMSO and its surroundings, those in which I could sleep, also the breakfasts because it is a very important meal in the Great North. By the way, I must specify that no hotel invited me, I always paid my rooms, which explains that these reviews are totally objective.

Also, there are a lot of Airbnb available in town, all price range, which can be a good alternative, often cheaper, especially if you are more than 2 people.

Before starting, I would have two very important advices to save money:

  • be flexible: because it often varies from one day to another, from one week to another.
  • book in advance: there are not many hotels, even less cheap ones, and these book up quickly. But there are some, it would be a shame to miss them

Prices are indicative and for a double room. For one person, either there are single rooms about 20% cheaper, or you will get a double room for about 10% less

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The best hotels in Tromso City Center

I stay almost exclusively in the city center of TROMSO when I go there. For practical reasons but also because I love walking around in this city. It’s more expensive than the outlying accommodations, there is usually no parking available, but… 😀 it’s my little pleasure. The stay in Tromso is going to cost me an arm and a leg, I might as well do it right.

At the hotel in NORWAY i almost always prefer the ones that have a breakfast buffet. Simply because I leave in the morning for a walk, I come back at the end of the day, take something to eat and then I go back to hunt the northern lights. So that allows me to have a solid breakfast (I took luxury tastes with the breakfast of Norway, the smoked salmon in the morning, it is a marvel) and not to be hungry during the day. And I have something to eat for dinner in the trunk of the car (when it’s not frozen). Economically it’s not bad, and the Nordics consider that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, it’s true that it allows to be very productive.

So we’ll focus on these hotels, the best and more convenient ones, these will be developed below :

  • Radisson Blu
  • Scandic Ishavshotel
  • Thon Hotel
  • Clarion The Edge
  • Enter Viking
  • Enter Backback
  • Smart Hotel
  • Comfort Hotel Xpress
  • Malangen Resort
  • Sommaroy Arctic Hotel
  • Melishome
  • Yggdrasil farmhotel

Radisson Blu Tromso Hotel

I have been to the RADISSON BLU in Tromso several times, in autumn and winter. Out of season, so the prices are far from decent. I got about 120€ a night. In high season, it’s a bit more expensive, it can go up very (VERY) high, but the prices are super variable.

The hotel is very well located, very central, on the waterfront. Hotel relatively chic (at least for me!). The rooms are very correct. The view on the city is great. If you get up early, you have the sunrise (see the cover photo of this article).
The breakfast is really good. Very complete, very good and different breads. They also organize many excursions.

The price : from 90€ to 300€ for the double room
Parking: no free parking

Radisson Blu Tromso

Scandic Ishavshotel

There are two, the SCANDIC ISHAVSHOTEL (which I know) and the SCANDIC GRAND TROMSO which is not so good and it’s true that it’s a bit old compared to the Ishavshotel.

The SCANDIC ISHAVSHOTEL is a range above, probably the second best hotel in town behind the Clarion. Relatively cheap in low season, around 120€ a night, during the big tourist period the prices can go up to 250€ a night (but there too it’s ultra variable, sometimes I don’t pay much in winter), but I must say that the services are there. Very well located, a nice architecture, a very nice interior and well equipped rooms. The breakfast is great.

Price : from 120€ to 250€ approximately
Parking: no free parking

scandic ishavshotel tromso

Thon hotel Tromso

There are also two, the THON HOTEL TROMSO where I already stayed and the THON POLAR HOTEL that I don’t know yet. One of my favorite hotels in town because not too expensive, nice rooms, a great breakfast (the best in town according to me) and a top bedding.

So be careful, the 2 months of high season, the prices explode. As much we are at 120€ in low season as in high season now it can exceed 300.

Its only defect compared to the others, it is not at the edge of water. But at… 2 minutes on foot. Hard.

Price : from 120€ to 320€ approximately
Parking: no free parking

Thon Hotel Tromso

Hotel Clarion The Edge Tromso

I have never stayed at the CLARION THE EDGE , and for good reason, it is really out of my budget in the high season. However, as the others increase their rates but not this hotel, I will end up going there 😀

We are talking about the best hotel in town. The classiest, the most renowned, exceptional services and a view to fall. In the end, the budget is not so bad, around 105€ in low season (which is a good deal!) to about 250€ in high season. It stings, but compared to some, the value for money is excellent!

And now there are 2 other Clarions in town, which are different. The CLARION COLLECTION HOTEL in the center, on the waterfront, in its wooden houses, and which has moreover breakfast and dinner included!

There is also the CLARION COLLECTION AURORA but it’s not crazy

Clarion the edge tromso

Cheap hotels in Tromso

The problem with Tromso is that you won’t find many cheap hotels. I would rather say that they are “cheaper”, because you can still get close to 100€ a night, even up to 120 in very touristy periods. Quite often they don’t have breakfast included and they are very small rooms. But it has the advantage of doing the job you need, namely a good bed to rest.

So here it will be mostly functional hotels, with less service but which are quite respectable. A middle range hotel in Norway is still something really not bad at all

Enter Viking

Enter Viking Tromso

A functional and not too expensive hotel in the city center. Very correct rooms, it’s not very big, but if, like me, you spend your time outside, there is no need for more. No breakfast included, but you can take it in one of the partner hotels (Enter Amalie I think)

From 110€, in the city center

Enter Backpack Hotel

Enter Backpack tromso

One of the cheapest hotels during the high season, that’s something to celebrate! It will be around 150€, obviously less in low season. But of course, it’s a very popular hotel so you have to book early. On top of that, it is very well located and has everything of a good hotel. Why deprive yourself?

From 120€, city center

Smart Hotel

Smarthotel Tromso

A budget hotel in the city center. From 70€ to 200€ (sometimes, in very high season), its main advantage is its location in addition to its price especially in low season. The rooms are small, but functional, with minimal services but which do the job very well

From 70€, in the city center

Comfort Hotel Xpress

Comfort xpress hotel

Simple and very economical. From 80€ for a double room in low season (which is a great rate), it goes up to 180€ in high season, where you can probably find better if you get there early. But very well located

From 80€, city center

Hotels outside the center of Tromso

We will find some hotels outside Tromso, but few. We have several hotels on KVALOYA , one in Malangen, but it remains nevertheless little as soon as we leave the city. On the other hand, they are really good ones. Let’s see.

Malangen Resort

Malangen resort tromso

A reference hotel at 45min from Tromso, in the Malangen peninsula. Perfect to see the Northern Lights, in the quiet and far from the city lights.

From 170€, in Mestervik

Sommaroy Arctic Hotel

Sommaroy Arctic Hotel

A dream location in the Sommaroy archipelago, at the end of Kvaloya, the Arctic Hotel is a reference in the Tromso area.

From 140€, in Sommaroy


melishome tromso

The cheapest hotel of the region but of quality and especially top to see the northern lights because in the heart of Kvaloya!

From 40€, in Kvaloya

Yggdrasil farmhotel

Yggdrasil farmhotel

A quiet B&B in a beautiful part of Kvaloya, with lots of animals around. Fills up very quickly!

From 120€, in Kvaloya


A beautiful view, the Ersfjordbotn Brygge

  • An hotel in a magical fjord! Ideal to enjoy the sunset and the northern lights
  • In Ersfjordbotn, only 20 minutes from Tromso
  • Prices from 200€
Ersfjordbotn Brygge Tromso

Tromso hotel map

I have indicated on this map of Tromso the different hotels I am talking about here, which are in the city center, but also all around the city!

This is a global map of Tromso with all the best places to see, things to do. You only have to uncheck the boxes to only see the accommodations. And you’ll see price, rating, and everything you need to know to make your choice.

⭐️ Click here to access the map! ⭐️

tromso hotel map accommodations

Where to park the car in Tromso

Having a car in Tromso is quite complicated. And yet it is essential. Parking in the city center is not cheap. The parking lots at the seaside and in the center can be paid with a mobile application (Easypark) and are expensive. On the other hand, there is a giant parking lot “under the city”. Covered (necessarily), expensive but not that much. You can pay by card, which is convenient if you do not have the application. A full day can’t exceed 30€, a night is about 8€, a bit more expensive during the day.

To access this underground parking, you just need to access the network of roads that pass under the hill, and there will be 3 entrances, one in the north, the center and the south. And hundreds of spaces.

In conclusion

We can see that prices are totally different from a month to another. The very touristy season is around 3 times more expensive. So, if you want to know what the best time to come to Tromso is, for you according to what you want to see, you can check this timetable below.

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