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Because the Tromso region is teeming with great places to go and things to do, and it’s not easy to find your way around, I wanted to make it more readable. So I created a map of Tromso and the surrounding area with all these elements.

Where are the most beautiful places, where to see the Northern Lights, where to see the whales or the reindeers… But I also added the different Northern Lights service providers, the accommodations with all the info to make your choice, everything to have a great stay and always have the information to know what to do and where to go.

Let’s go, I present you everything you can find and how to use this map 🙂

Tromso map presentation

In concrete terms, here’s what you’ll find on this map:

  • The most beautiful places in the region!
    • It’s not always easy to know where to go. This map shows you the most beautiful places, the most important viewpoints. There are many in Kvaloya, such as Grotfjord and Sommaroy, of course, but also many around Tromso, such as Signaldalen, Lakselvbukt… in short, you could spend weeks there! Perfect to help you to build your itinerary to visit Northern Norway!
  • The best places to see the northern lights
    • The aurora borealis blend in perfectly with these sumptuous landscapes. But not all places are equal when it comes to seeing the Northern Lights! You have to be careful with city lights, orientation, clouds… I’ve listed the best places to see the northern lights in Tromso here , but you’ll also find them on this map
  • 10 hikes in Tromso
    • If the season allows, i.e. without snow (or with snowshoes), there are lots of great hikes around the city. I’ve listed a dozen or so, such as those overlooking the Sommaroy archipelago or the Ersfjord fjord, but they’re really everywhere!
  • The best agencies to see the Northern Lights
    • If you don’t have a car, or you’d like to optimize your chances of seeing the aurora through an agency, I’ve listed everything here, with prices and recommendations! If necessary, you can find more information in this article on the best agencies in Tromso.
  • The best activities and tours!
    • There are lots of things to do in Tromso! Dog sledding, whale watching, snowmobiling… I’ve listed it all for you, along with the various quality agencies that can accompany you. But you can also find out all about it in detail in this article on the different things to do in Tromso.
  • The best, cheapest, quality accommodation
    • Finding accommodation in Tromso can be a bit tricky, especially in high season. In low season, it’s easy: there are a lot of great accommodations and hotels that lower their prices, but then you have to get in early and sort out the good from the bad (because there is some) and be able to trick your way around to avoid paying a fortune. I’ve included a selection in the map, but you can also read this article on accommodation in Tromso.
  • Bistros, restaurants and cafés
    • There are more and more good restaurants in Tromso, and I’ve listed a few for you. Trouble is, they’re pretty expensive. So you’ll also find more classic restaurants. What’s more, there are some great, cozy cafés in town, great for resting or warming up before heading out to chase the dawn 🙂
Free map Tromso Norway

How to use the Google Maps of Tromso

Well, it’s pretty straightforward. First of all, you need to know that this map is organized in layers.

A layer is a set of points of interest, which I’ve thematically grouped together, i.e. the most beautiful places, activities, accommodation… are all grouped together.

Why do I do this? Because it allows you to deactivate layers one by one. In other words, if you’re not interested in activities, or only want to see housing, you can hide the others by unchecking the corresponding boxes (see example just below, it’s super simple)

4 recommended accommodations in Tromso

Enter Backpack tromso


  • Cheap and quality!
  • Very well located in the heart of the city
  • From €80
Louer Appartement pas cher Tromso Kvaloya


  • An apartment by the sea into nature
  • 35 minutes from Tromso!
  • From €85
Radisson Blu Tromso


  • In the heart of Tromso, on the harbor
  • The best hotel in town?
  • From €110
The Crush apartment Ersfjord Tromso louer


  • A magnificent setting
  • Right on Ersfjord, on the island of Kvaloya
  • From 106€!

The INDISPENSABLE map for road conditions

Because the weather in Norway, both in the north and in the center, is very complicated, they can close the roads at any moment because of storms, avalanches or simply roadworks (they redo the roads a lot), you’ll absolutely need to know which roads are open, what the weather conditions are and whether the roads you’re about to take are closed or not.

This is essential, really, so your companion for road conditions will be the VEGVESEN.NO website. Which you’ll need to check almost every day.

They also provide webcams from many roads, this is really useful.

Closed roads Senja Weather Norway Vegvesen

What can you find in Tromso?

After all that info, here’s something to dream about.

The Tromso region is one of the most beautiful in the country. And its big advantage is that nature is everywhere! You can find yourself taking magnificent walks absolutely on your own, you can find yourself in mountains, valleys, frozen lakes, fjords everywhere.

What to do Tromso Norway Lyngen Alps
Discover Tromso what to do activities
vincent voyage instagram northern lights norway

There aren’t many roads in Tromso. But I advise you to do everything you can. Be sure to visit Kvaloya and its many fjords, one of the country’s most beautiful islands just a few minutes from the city!

Hike Ersfjord Nattmålsfjellet Tromso Kvaloya
Northern Lights Grotfjord Kvaloya Tromso Norway

Then head for the iconic Signaldalen mountain, check out the Lyngen Alps, the Breivikeidet valley and Lake Nakkevatnet, for example. You CANNOT be disappointed:)

Mountain Otertind signaldalen Tromso Norway
lake Nakkevatnet tromso

In conclusion

And that’s it! I think I’ve packed as much information as possible into this map, everything you’d normally need to plan your route to Tromso.

The great pleasure of the region is to discover it by road. Discover Kvaloya towards Tromvik and Sommaroy! Take the back roads, get lost! Well, not too much.

But really, there are some emblematic places, but you can easily find yourself in exceptional places without doing anything on purpose, and that’s the best part.

Don’t hesitate to compare the agencies I’ve listed for you, to see which ones suit you best. And if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to drop me a line 🙂

Just be aware of the seasons to visit Tromso, depending on what you want to do and see, to avoid unpleasant surprises!

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