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If you are in TROMSO there is a good chance that you also want to discover the fabulous island of Senja. And you are right! It is simply my favorite place in Norway. Fjords, mountains, fantastic views.

But to get to Senja, you have two possibilities. First by road, via the superb road that goes along the fjords until Nordkjosbotn and then Olsborg. Or by ferry, from Sommaroy, or rather Brensholmen on the island of Kvaloya (1h15 from Tromso).

As I received a lot of questions about this ferry which is now open all year round, here is all the useful information you need. Schedules, prices, availability… Let’s find out.

Fjord Gryllefjord Senja bridge
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What are the ferry schedules between Tromso and Senja

First of all, you can find this information on the website of Torghatten Nord which is the ferry company that runs this route (and many others in the area).

The ferry is available all year round! For almost two years now, you can take it in summer and winter.

The timetable differs:

  • low season: from September 11 to April 20
  • high season: from April 21 to September 10

Here are the ferry schedules (which you can also find find here). Attention, it’s not easy, we will separate low season and high season, week days, week end:

    • From Tromso to Senja:
      • monday to Friday
        • low season 8:45 am / 3 pm / 5 pm / 7 pm
        • high season 8:45 am / 10:45 am / 3 pm / 5 pm / 7 pm / 8:45 pm (10:15 pm on Friday)
      • saturday
        • low season 10:45 am / 5 pm
        • high season 8:45 am / 10:45 am / 12:45 pm / 5 pm / 7 pm
      • sunday
        • low season 12:15 / 5 pm / 7 pm /
        • high season 10:15 am / 12:15 / 5 pm / 7 pm / 8:45 pm / 10:15 pm
    • From Senja to Tromso
      • monday to Friday
        • low season 8am / 2pm / 4pm / 6pm
        • high season 8am / 9:45 am / 2 pm / 4pm / 6pm / 8pm (9:30 on Friday)
      • saturday
        • low season 9:45 am / 4 pm
          • high season 8am / 9:45am / 11:45am / 4pm / 6pm
      • sunday
        • low season 11:15 am / 4 pm / 6 pm /
        • high season 9:30 am / 11:15 am / 4 pm / 6 pm / 8 pm / 9:30 pm

Important: the ideal site/app to plan your trips is Entur.no which of course contains the ferry schedules. Super convenient!

Schedule ferry boat Tromso Senja botnhamn Brensholmen

Prices and booking

First of all, it’s not necessary to make a reservation. In fact, it’s not even possible. So you have to arrive a little bit in advance. This ferry is mainly for people who go to their weekend home on Senja, and they hardly go there in winter. So there is room.

Just arrive 30 minutes before, it’s fine.

For the prices (which you can also see on this site), it’s quite simple. If you have Autopass Ferje you pay via the toll tag, and you get a 10% discount.

If you don’t have Autopass, then you pay to the person passing by with their payment terminal.

Well, the prices of this ferry Tromso – Senja:

  • Pedestrians and bicycles: free
  • Normal car: 264 NOK (about 23€)
  • For other sizes, it varies every 2 meters, see the picture below
  • Electric cars: half price (132 NOK)
price ferry boat Tromso Senja botnhamn Brensholmen

Should I take this ferry between Tromso and Senja instead of the road

Honestly it depends. Will it save you time? Not necessarily.

From the center of Tromso, it takes 1h15 to go to Brensholmen. Then 30 minutes by ferry. So with the wait, let’s say 2 hours. But we arrive in Botnhamn which is at the east of the island.

Whereas Tromso – center of Senja by the road, it is more than 3h.

So I would say that we gain comfort by not driving. But the road is beautiful! Financially speaking, not sure that it is very different in one way or the other.

So I would advise to do a trip by ferry, another one by car !

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