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There are two possibilities to go to Lyngen Alps from Tromso :

  • drive between 1h and 1h30 to reach the bottom of the Lyngen, then take one of the two routes
  • take the ferry from Breivikeidet (40 minutes from Tromso), which takes you directly to Svensby

Both have their advantages: taking the road allows you to discover the southern Lyngen area, and go back up quietly if you have time. But it’s a long day, especially if there isn’t a lot of daylight, so you won’t get the most out of it.
Taking the ferry, on the other hand, saves a lot of time and takes you directly to the centre of the Lyngen, from where you can decide to head north or south again.

Before I give you a few tips on the road, here’s what you’re here for: all the info on this ferry between Tromso and the Lyngen Alps 🙂

Fjord Lyngen Alps Tromso Norway Fall
Road to Lyngen Alps Tromso fall Norway

Where to take the ferry to the Lyngen Alps from Tromso

It’s easy! The ferry to the Lyngen Alps leaves from Breivikeidet. This is 40 minutes south-east of Tromso. First you take the road south, then straight into the stunning Breivikeidet valley, where for 20 minutes you’ll be surrounded by magnificent mountains, fir trees and the occasional elk.

It’s really easy to get there by car. Just be careful: there are 3 speed cameras on the road and sometimes policemen in ambush at the start of the road to Breivikeidet, in the 60km zone (and I’m not telling you this because I got a €1,200 fine right there, for going 20km/h too fast).

If you’re driving at night, just watch out for the moose that come out at that time. They cross in the Parisian way, i.e. without looking. And without stopping.

On the Svensby side, you really do arrive in the middle of the Lyngen Alps, which is super convenient. You can head straight north or to Lyngseidet via a magnificent fjord, then head south towards Oteren (and the Signaldalen mountain). It’s just a shame that there’s no link to Lakselvbukt, with 2km of road missing.


A magnificent snowmobile ride in the Lyngen Alps!

  • Enjoy a thrilling ride behind the wheel of your mechanical steed
  • Right in the Lyngen Alps, an exceptional place
  • From 180€
snowmobile arctic Finland Lapland

Ferry timetable between Tromso (Breivikeidet) and Lyngen Alps (Svensby)

The ferry is accessible all year round, with numerous rotations throughout the season. You can find the timetable for 2024 here:

    • From monday to friday : 6:35am / 7:30am / 8:25am / 10:05am / 11:45am / 1pm / 2pm / 3pm / 4pm / 5pm / 6:20pm / 7:10pm / 8:20pm / 9:20pm / 10:30pm
    • Saturday: 8:25am / 10:05am / 11:45am / 1pm / 2pm / 3pm / 4pm / 5pm / 6:20pm / 7:10pm / 8:20
    • Sunday: 8:25am (during summer) / 10:05am / 11:45am / 1pm / 2pm / 3pm / 4pm / 5pm / 6:20pm / 7:10pm / 8:20pm / 9:20pm / 10:30pm
    • From monday to friday : 6am / 7am / 7:55am / 9:30am / 10:30am / 12:10pm / 1:25pm / 2:30pm / 3:25pm / 4:25pm / 5:25pm / 6:45pm / 7:45pm / 8:45pm / 9:50pm
    • Saturday: 7:55am / 9:30am / 10:30am / 12:10 / 1:25pm / 2:30pm / 3:25pm / 4:25pm / 5:25pm / 6:45pm / 7:45pm / 8:45pm (during summer)
    • Sunday : 9:30am / 10:30am / 12:10 / 1:25pm / 2:30pm / 3:25pm / 4:25pm / 5:25pm / 6:45pm / 7:45pm / 8:45pm / 9:50pm

Important, the ideal site/app for planning your journeys is Entur.no, which of course contains ferry timetables. Super handy!

Schedule Ferry Tromso Lyngen Alps Breivikeidet Svensby

Ferry fares and payment

The best way to pay is to have AUTOPASS. In other words, to have registered your car’s number plate so that you can pass through Norway’s ferries, tunnels and toll booths:

  • If hire a car, you must have autopass.
  • You don’t pay anything on the spot, it’s taken directly with autopass.
  • If you have the little autopass box, you get a 10% discount.

Here are the prices without discounts:

  • Normal car: 91 NOK (around 8.5€)
  • then it depends on the size, you will find the details below
  • Electric vehicles : 46 NOK (50% discount)
  • motorbike with driver : 36 NOK
  • vehicle + caravan: from NOK 91 depending on the size of the caravan


  • it’s free for pedestrians
  • it’s free for bikes too!

You can download the file with all the fares here.

CAUTION: if you do not have Autopass (rare but possible):

  • you can use the FerryPay website to pay for the various ferries in Norway
  • if you don’t have that either, then an agent will come and ask you to pay by bankcard, but only contactless. Why? I don’t know 😀
Fares Ferry Tromso Lyngen Alps Breivikeidet Svensby

Do I need to book the ferry in advance?

No, you can’t book in advance.

You have to arrive earlier, but frankly not much earlier (unless it’s Friday afternoon or Saturday morning, I’d say allow 45 minutes in advance, especially in summer). There’s plenty of room, with around twenty easy cars able to enter the ferry, along with transport or tourist buses. So really, unless you’re really unlucky, there’s plenty of room 🙂

Sunset lyngen Alps
Sunset Lyngen Alps

4 recommended accommodations in Lyngen Alps

Viking Cabin Alpes Lyngen


  • Some surprising cabins
  • 8.8/10 on Booking.com
  • From 120€
Aurora Fjord Cabins Alpes Lyngen


  • A dreamy location
  • 9.2/10 on Booking.Com
  • From 170€ 
Koppangen Brygge ALpes Lyngen


  • Remote and wonderful
  • 9.7/10 on Booking.com
  • From 140€
maison louer vacances alpes lyngen


  • A superb view
  • 9.3/10 on Booking.com
  • From 115€

5 must-do activities in Tromso

Northern lights Lyngen Alps

To gather all these information, i’ve created the most useful map of Tromso, including :

  • most beautiful places
  • accommodations
  • where to see the northern lights
  • tours and activities
  • hikes…

⭐️ Click here to access the map! ⭐️

Map Tromso best places hikes northern lights tours

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