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Oslo Gardermoen airport is a really nice airport, but its only problem is that it’s a long way from downtown Oslo. That’s about 50 kilometers.

Fortunately, there are some very practical solutions for getting to the city center, except that at this distance it’s a bit time-consuming and, above all, expensive.

There are bus, train and shuttle solutions, and I’ll tell you all about them. And we’ll also see if it’s possible to pop into town during your stopover, depending on how much time you have available.

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The train – Flytoget, the fastest way to get to central Oslo from Gardermoen airport

The Flytoget is the fast train that runs from Oslo airport to Oslo Central Station, right in the city center, as well as to other central stations (such as the National Theater). It’s ultra-practical, fast, efficient, clean… but expensive:

  • price: costs NOK 240 per trip, or NOK 480 for a round trip, or €44 (free for children under 16)
  • duration: only 19 minutes (and it’s reliable, which is weird coming from Paris)
  • frequency: trains every 10 or 20 minutes
  • first departure: 5:30 a.m. from the airport / 4:40 a.m. from Oslo Central
  • last departure: 00:50 from airport / 00:00 from Oslo Central

Buying tickets is easy too:

  • at the airport kiosks
  • on the Flytoget app
  • on the Flytoget website
  • tickets are valid for 90 days
Train Flytoget airport oslo city center

The regional train

There are several regional trains from Oslo Central Station to the airport. Anyone going to northern cities like Lillehammer, for example, has to stop off at the airport. The following lines are available:

  • RE10 on the Lillehammer line
  • RE11 and RE12 on the Eidsvoll line

The advantage is that it costs less, 124 NOK. It takes a little longer than the Flytoget, from 25 minutes. The disadvantage is that it’s a regional train, so it’s crowded. But it’s still Norway, so it’s not line 13 of the Paris metro. To plan and book, I really recommend these two sites:

And with this, you can usually arrive at the airport without a care in the world.

entur planner oslo airport gardermoen
VY train regional oslo airport gardermoen

Flybussen buses

There are also many buses that run between Oslo Gardermoen airport and Oslo City Center. Well, not just the center, it’s a bus that has several stops along the way, which is what makes it attractive. Because if you’re going to the city center, it’s not necessarily the best option, given that it’s as expensive as the Flytoget train and takes much longer. So the bus will only be useful if you’re going to a place that’s one of the bus stops.

So it’s not always the best option. It really depends on where you want to get off.

Take a TAXI / UBER from Oslo Gardermoen airport to the city center


Uber works well, but it’s expensive. For a trip from the airport to the city center, prices depend on the type of car. It goes from 720NOK to 1400 NOK, all the same, or between 70 and 130€, with many surcharges You can book it in advance via the app or the site.


Taxi prices are very random, there are fixed prices… but by cab company. There’s a night rate that starts at 5 p.m. I’ve done several simulations for 1-4 people, and I’ve got prices between €80 and €100. However, to book, don’t do it in advance on the internet, it smells like a scam. Do it at the cab stands directly at the airport. You’ll get direct prices, by company, and it may be cheaper.

Cruise Oslo fjord getyourguide

Book a driver in advance

If you don’t want to go to the trouble, you can book a driver in advance, who will wait for you at the airport, in the lobby. In general it’s more expensive than a cab, here for 4 people it’s 140€. So we’re on a good budget, but I’d say it’s the price of tranquility.

4 recommended accommodations in Oslo


  • Cheap and central
  • 7.7/10 on Booking
  • From €70


  • 30 and 40m² in the center
  • 8.7/10 on booking
  • From €100


  • A magnificent hotel
  • 8.7/10 on Booking
  • From €160


  • Beautiful, overlooking the city
  • 8.5/10 on Booking!
  • From €125

A stopover of how much time to make a jump in Oslo

You’ve got a stopover in Oslo and want to take advantage of it to discover the city.

With Flytoget, it’s easy, because the train is super-fast. Getting out of the airport is also super-fast, as is getting through the checkpoints on the way back. So basically, you’re in the city center within an hour of getting off the plane.

If you want to stay for at least 2 hours, just long enough to explore the docks and the city center, then you’ll need to take the train 1.5 hours before your flight, which means you’ll need at least 4.5 hours to get a good look at the city. It’s a bit of a rush, and quite expensive, as a return ticket costs 44€. But why not?

If you have more than 5 hours, I’d strongly advise you to go, especially if the weather’s fine, as it’s a very pleasant city 🙂

If you’re staying overnight, it might be a good idea to sleep at Oslo Gardermoen airport, rather than bringing your suitcases to the center and leaving the next day. That’s what I did, and I don’t regret it! The hotels at the airport are not more expensive, on the contrary, they’re very reasonable and as there are many trains until late at night, you can enjoy Oslo without your suitcases.

In the following article, I’ll tell you about the best hotels to stay at in Oslo Gardermoen airport.

Rent a car at Oslo Gardermoen airport

If you want to rent a car at Oslo airport, it’s a good idea unless you plan to drive around the city in one. Parking in Oslo is very complicated and expensive, so I’d recommend renting after you’ve visited the city. But then, if you want to go on an adventure, yes, definitely! You’ll find all the major rental companies in Oslo Gardermoen. So it’s hard to pick just one, as prices vary from one day to the next, from one rental company to the next, without much reason. I use Kayak to compare, and then there are two brokers I use regularly to rent, because the prices are pretty competitive (well, once again, it really depends on the time, hence the importance of comparing):

It’s worth taking a little time to compare all this and make some savings. Pay attention to the rating of the agency where you rent, read the reviews, and pay attention to the mileage.

Discover Cars Norway cheap rental

In conclusion

Now you know everything! So we have several options:

  • Flytoget, which is the fastest but expensive
  • the regional train, which is a little slower but a lot cheaper
  • the Flybussen, which has the advantage of stopping at lots of places
  • cabs and Uber, which are expensive but practical
  • the private chauffeur who waits for you, more expensive but more practical

Each mode of transport has its advantages, so it’s really up to you to see what suits you best, but in any case, it’s pretty expensive.

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