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Lanzarote is a fantastic island that can be visited all year round thanks to its mild weather. It’s said to have eternal spring, never too hot, never too cold.

The other great thing about the island is that it’s small, so you can visit everything easily from just about anywhere. You don’t have to take a hotel in the north and then a hotel in the south, you can cross the island in no more than 1h30. Conveniently, all this means that you can make do with just one place to stay, and that means you can take something comfortable.

And that’s just as well, because Lanzarote’s hotel offer is very good. There’s plenty of accommodation, and because its urban planning is well controlled, you won’t have any big hotel complexes disfiguring the landscape.

In short, you’ll find everything from hotels to apartments and houses. Whether on the beach or close to the volcanoes, there’s something for everyone.

Where in Lanzarote should I stay?

It’s not easy! First of all, you need to know that there are 3 main tourist areas, where the vast majority of people go for the beaches, the activity, and also for the amount of accommodation available:

  • Costa Teguise, just north of Arrecife, renowned for its beaches and water sports activities
  • Playa Blanca, beautiful beaches close to those of Papagayo, ideal for relaxation at the southernmost tip of Lanzarote.
  • Puerto del Carmen, just south of Arrecife, is the island’s most popular tourist destination. Beautiful beaches and an ideal location near the volcanoes

In these 3 resorts, you’ll find absolutely everything. Hotels, pensions, all-inclusives, airbnb. These are busy little towns in high season, so you’ll find supermarkets, pharmacies, bars and restaurants. If you’re looking for something a little quieter, then you’ll find it in the center of the island, but no longer on the waterfront, mainly around the volcanoes and Timanfaya Park:

Finally, there’s the UFO El Golfo, a really nice place, far from everything, surrounded by volcanoes with superb scenery and right on the water’s edge, the perfect place to eat seafood and watch the sunset.

So these are two totally different choices. But the good thing is that it won’t affect your ability to visit the island’s beauty spots. It’s all within easy reach! And these towns are well connected by bus.

Tenesar Lanzarote Canary Islands sunset spain

My 4 best hotels and apartments in Lanzarote!

Well this is a totally subjective choice, these are not the ones with the best reviews or the most comments. These are the ones that, in my opinion, combine: comfort + price + reviews + location.

Because if I want to highlight the best best best, then it’s Lani’s Suites de Luxe, which is exceptional, but at €450 a night I’m not sure it’s affordable for everyone.

So I’m going to suggest 4 top, relatively affordable accommodations just below.

Then I’ll suggest specific accommodations for each location, some inexpensive, others atypical.

Here we go!

Hotel finca GA7COLORES lanzarote
  • A beautiful, peaceful finca
  • Located in Montaña Blanca, at the foot of the volcanoes
  • From €90
Secrets Lanzarote Resort
  • Crazy surroundings and top services
  • Located in Puerto Calero, close to everything
  • From €220
Casa Layka Lanzarote
  • Super 120m² apartment
  • At the foot of the volcanoes and 20 minutes from the beach
  • From €120
Casa Mar y Lava Lanzarote
  • A beautiful apartment with a great view
  • Located in El Golfo
  • From €80


The superb Finca Isolina residence

  • A magnificent location, between volcanoes and beach, yet seemingly far from it all!
  • An exceptional breakfast
  • Prices from €170
Finca Isolina Lanzarote

Best value accommodation on Lanzarote

If we go to Lanzarote, it’s also because it’s not ultra expensive, so sometimes we don’t feel like putting everything into accommodation. Here’s a small selection of accommodations that are very good but, above all, not particularly expensive. You’ll find them all over the island, but they’re generally found outside the seaside resorts

Casa El Gallo Lanzarote
  • An apartment overlooking volcanoes
  • Located in the pretty town of Teguise
  • From €80
Mi quiquere Lanzarote
  • A cosy apartment
  • A stone’s throw from Puerto del Carmen beach
  • From €70
Loft la petite guatiza lanzarote
  • A nice loft
  • Located 2 steps from the cacti
  • From 45€, the best value for money!
Luxury Suite Sea Front Lanzarote
  • An apartment by the sea!
  • Feet in the water at Playa Honda
  • From €80

Sleeping in Playa Blanca: hotels, clubs and beaches

Located at the southernmost tip of Lanzarote, bordered by numerous beaches and very close to the volcanoes, Playa Blanca has a magnificent setting, it must be said. Although it may seem remote, it’s close to everything, at most 1h30 from the other end of the island, so it’s not at all an obstacle to discovering the island. The only problem is that accommodation prices are not cheap. Hotels or apartments, see 5 examples below.

hipotels lanzarote playa blanca
  • A very good 4* by the sea
  • Swimming pool, spa, private beach
  • From €150
casa cipri playa blanca lanzarote
  • A very (very!) large apartment with large terrace
  • Located 200 meters from the beach
  • From €90
ona las casitas playa blanca lanzarote
  • A small, comfortable apartment
  • Residence with swimming pool, 2 steps from the beach
  • From €90
Casa Valentina Lanzarote
  • A small but functional apartment with everything you need
  • 5 minutes from the beach, 2 from the pool
  • Economical: from €50


The beautiful Villa Kalima

  • A beautiful all-white house with swimming pool
  • A little outside the hustle and bustle of the city
  • Prices from €150
Villa Kalima Lanzarote

Find a hotel or apartment in Costa Teguise

Located just north of Arrecife, Costa Teguise is a small seaside resort renowned for its beaches. It has the advantage of being close to famous tourist sites such as the cactuses, Jameos del agua and the wineries. But also within shooting distance of La Graciosa!

Oasis Lanz Beach
  • The best resort in Costa Teguise
  • A stone’s throw from the beach
  • From €140
Apartamentos Oceano Costa Teguise Lanzarote
  • Large, functional apartments
  • With swimming pool and 2 steps from the beach
  • From €80
Appartement Costa Teguise Lanzarote
  • Nice apartment with pool
  • 500 meters from the beach
  • From 55€, great value for money
The birds house lanzarote
  • A beautiful residence with a huge swimming pool
  • Close to the beach
  • From €100

Where to sleep in Puerto del Carmen

Puerto del Carmen is Lanzarote’s main seaside resort. Urbanized but not exclusively, it offers kilometers of beaches and protection from the wind (no luxury in Lanzarote!) Coming to Puerto del Carmen means enjoying the comforts of a city, with its sporting activities and nightlife. But Puerto del Carmen is also ideally located, close to absolutely everything!

dona cris puerto del carmen
  • A great hostel
  • The best value in Puerto del Carmen
  • From €40
Casa Martin puerto del carmen
  • A lovely apartment in a residence with swimming pool
  • Close to the sea and shops
  • From €115
aequora lanzarote hotel puerto del carmen
  • One of the best budget resorts on the island
  • With pool, games and next to the beach
  • From €100
Hotel Las Costas lanzarote puerto del carmen
  • a recent 4* in a prime location
  • Right on the beach and close to all activities
  • From €130
Seaside los jameos lanzarote
  • Excellent 4* hotel, moderate prices and All Inclusive options
  • Ideally located by the beach
  • From €150

Sleeping around Timanfaya

Timanfaya, as you can see from this article, is THE volcano park on Lanzarote and the most touristic place, as well as the most beautiful. Even if the island isn’t very big, it can be interesting to stay nearby. For me, there’s one main reason: the view. I think it’s wonderful to have a view of the volcanoes

Finca la Florida lanzarote
  • A beautiful finca surrounded by volcanoes and vineyards
  • Located San Bartolomé
  • From €100
maison buda lanzarote vue mer
  • A spacious house with sea and cliff views
  • Located in Tinajo
  • From €150
Casa Lancelot Tinajo Lanzarote
  • A beautiful house with sea view
  • Located in Tinajo
  • From 99€ (5 nights minimum)
logement love yaiza lanzarote
  • It’s hard to find a better place to see volcanoes
  • Located in Yaiza
  • From €40


The fabulous Finca del Moral house

  • A large, elegant house with pool and lots of space
  • Quiet location at the foot of the volcanoes
  • Prices from €200
Maison lanzarote finca moral

Finding accommodation in Teguise and the center

Teguise (not to be confused with Costa Teguise) is Lanzarote’s friendly little town, a pretty and pleasant place. Located on the heights of the island, there are magnificent views everywhere. So if you don’t want the hustle and bustle of the resorts but don’t want to get lost in the lava fields, this is a great alternative, as are the other small towns in the area

Finca Mimosa Teguise
  • Beautiful finca, full of color and flowers, full of charm
  • Located in the heart of Teguise
  • From €100
appartement anjomacar Lanzarote Teguise
  • An apartment with excellent value for money
  • Located in Teguise
  • From 90€ onwards
Casa el patio teseguite lanzarote
  • Magnificent guest house, view of the volcanoes
  • Located in Teseguite, just outside Teguise
  • From €95
EsLanzarote lodge
  • A quality eco lodge with a fantastic view
  • Located just a few minutes from Teguise
  • From €130

Cheap accommodation in Lanzarote

In seaside resorts and tourist locations, prices tend to be higher. Fortunately, however, Lanzarote’s accommodation offer is such that you can find some nice things for cheap, but you’ll need to get in early. Here are 4 examples:

Alma Libre lanzarote logement pas cher
  • Perhaps the best value for money on the island
  • Located in Guatiza, 2 steps from the cactus garden!
  • From €40
Casita Arrecife logement pas cher Lanzarote
  • A very good hostel in the heart of Arrecife
  • Located in Arrecife, not far from the beach
  • From €30
dormir bateau lanzarote
  • A charming and original option
  • A large yacht in the port of Arrecife
  • From €60
Logement pas cher Costa Teguise Lanzarote
  • A guesthouse in the heart of nature, yet close to everything
  • Located on the outskirts of Costa Teguise
  • From €35
appartement vue lanzarote
  • A very large apartment with a magnificent view
  • Located in Punta Mujeres
  • From €40
Appartement pas cher lanzarote Orzola
  • A perfect setting with a beautiful view
  • Located in the north, in Orzola
  • From €55
vincent voyage instagram northern lights norway

The best map of Lanzarote

To help you find your way around, I’ve included all these accommodations (and many more!) in my map of Lanzarote, where you’ll also find :

  • the most beautiful places
  • activities
  • hikes
  • accommodation

⭐️ Click here to go directly to the map! ⭐️

The best things to do in Lanzarote

I obviously talk a lot about this in the general article about Lanzarote, but here are the things I think are essential to see and do on this beautiful island. Of course, it’s all about volcanoes and boat trips:

And much more!

Practical information about Lanzarote

How far in advance to book accommodation

Lanzarote is a popular destination for school vacations all year round. Especially in summer, in fact.

Accommodation will almost always be available at the last minute, but it will be expensive, so I’d advise you to book several months in advance for summer vacations, and several weeks in advance for Easter and All Saints’ Day.

Out of season, you can book 2 weeks in advance, for example, which isn’t too much of a problem, as there will always be good accommodation available.

When is the best season to come to Lanzarote?

They say Lanzarote has eternal spring. Never too hot, never too cold. Even in winter it’s warm and sunny. In summer it’s not too hot, and the wind helps to keep the heat down.

So really, you can go there any time! In summer it’s great, but it’s quite busy, so April/May/June and September/October are great times too.

So there’s no bad period. In winter, it’ll be a bit cool in the evenings, but not really cold. During the day, it’s fine. I was there in january, and honestly, the weather was good


And that’s it! It’s obviously impossible to show you all the accommodation on Lanzarote, and that wasn’t the point.

I wanted to be able to point you in the right direction, tell you about the advantages of each place and give you a shortlist of nice, affordable or top-of-the-range accommodation.

Accommodation prices in Lanzarote are rising, but it’s still quite affordable. There’s something for every budget, but also for backpackers or families, those who want the volcanoes or the beach. Just try to get in early! There will always be accommodation available, but the best obviously go first

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