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Visiting La Graciosa was a nice surprise during my stay in the Canary Islands. It wasn’t originally planned at all, but the view of the island from the Mirador del Rio convinced me to change my plans and spend some time there. And in the end, I don’t regret it at all!

La Graciosa is a surprising island. Like the other Canary Islands, it has its own character, its own identity, and is much more than Lanzarote’s “little sister”. It’s the only island with unpaved roads, the only one where you can’t drive to preserve it.

As you’ll see, the island isn’t very big, so you can make the round trip in a day, or take your time and stay a night or two after your stay in Lanzarote. Here’s all the info you need to know about La Graciosa

La Graciosa, Lanzarote’s beautiful little sister

The best view of La Graciosa is undoubtedly from the Mirador del Rio, in Lanzarote. From el Guinate it’s not bad either! You can see the whole island, you can see the volcanoes, the turquoise waters, frankly, it makes you really want to go there! And that’s what convinced me. It’s only a 25-minute boat ride from Orzola, so it’s easy for a day trip (or even a few hours):

  • the wildest island in the Canaries
  • 4km by 8km, it’s by far the smallest island
  • 700 inhabitants, in Caleta de Sebo
  • no paved roads
  • more beautiful beaches than Lanzarote!
  • 3 superb volcanic craters
la graciosa mirador del rio lanzarote

How to get around

Here, it’s very simple. There are 3 ways to get around the island, although you can’t rent a car. That’s reserved for the island’s inhabitants, and the roads are not paved.

  • Rent a bike: the most common method on the island. You’ll find plenty of rental outlets near the port, which we’ll talk about in more detail later.
  • Visit with a 4×4 driver: another popular and very practical method. Let yourself be whisked away in a car to visit the beaches in the south of the island, which aren’t necessarily accessible by bike (unless you want to get stuck in the sand). For example with the company Yotomu who has very good reviews!
  • By foot: well, that takes quite a bit of time. The main loop is difficult to do on foot. It’s an easy 12km without a single shady spot. On the other hand, you can get to the southern beaches without a care in the world!
la graciosa island canary islands
la graciosa canary islands
Boat day trip la graciosa

Getting around by bike

Getting around by bike is really the easiest and most economical way to discover La Graciosa. A bike for a day costs around €15, but there are a few points to bear in mind:

  • bicycles are generally poorly maintained. Make sure you check the bike, the brakes, the saddle (otherwise it’s really painful) and the tires. Don’t hesitate to ask for a new one before you pay.
  • be extra careful where you ride so you don’t get a flat tire. You won’t be picked up and yelled at because it’s your fault (even if you’re on the main road).
  • if you plan to be back late, take a headlamp, as there’s not a shred of light outside the village.
  • be aware of opening and closing times, especially if you’re planning to leave with a boat a little late.

The bikes are generally decent, mountain bikes, but they can be a pain in the butt. So I can advise taking electric bikes, there have been some available for not very long so I haven’t been able to test them (especially in low season). On the other hand, I couldn’t find any reliable information on prices. But there’s one more thing you’ll need to check: the battery. I’ve found a number of cases where they ended up with no battery, and therefore a heavier bike, with no compensation behind it. Generally speaking, check everything, compare things, and look at the reviews on the Internet a lot, because they’ll try to give you really mediocre equipment, and if there’s a problem, you’ll get absolutely nothing.

sunrise la graciosa caleta de sebo

On a 4×4 excursion

This is the quieter version, but admittedly more practical. At the port, the 4x4s are waiting for tourists to spend a day or half a day touring the island, or just a simple trip. As the companies change all the time, I can find very little information on the existing ones, on which service provider is good or not. On the other hand, you can find an estimate of prices:

  • 50€ for a 90-minute tour of the north of the island
  • 10€ per person to be dropped off at the beach (round trip)
  • 15€ for a one-way trip

You can really do whatever you want. For example, start the morning with a tour of the island, then in the afternoon go to the southern beaches, without too many constraints

4x4 car excursion la graciosa lanzarote

What to do in La Graciosa

La Graciosa is not a large island. But there’s still plenty to see, from volcanoes to stunning landscapes and, according to some, the most beautiful beaches in the Canaries. So whether you’re here to sightsee or laze on the beach, there’s something for everyone. Let’s take a look!

Tour of La Graciosa from the north

The northern loop of the island is a classic. And rightly so, because it’s really really nice. It’s a loop of about fifteen kilometers. It’s not huge, but it allows you to take your time and take plenty of photo breaks, as you’ll come across some very pretty spots along the way:

  • At the start, you’ll pass between two beautiful volcanoes: Montaña del Mojón on the left and, above all, Aguja Grande on the right. You can climb both, and I’d say that Aguja Grande offers the best view of the island, especially for the sunset.
La graciosa island canary islands lanzarote mountain
la graciosa lanzarote
  • Then we come to what is considered the most beautiful beach on the island: Las Conchas. And it’s true, it’s beautiful! Turquoise water, white sand, it’s not bad. What’s more, it’s located at the foot of Montaña Bermeja, which you can climb to get a great view. Well, I confess I didn’t really feel like going up 😀
playa las conchas la graciosa canary islands
  • Just to the north, the scenery changes completely and we see a totally volcanic coast, black rocks, strange formations including the “Castle”, surprising basalt columns, an arch nicknamed Caleton de los Arcos…
la graciosa lanzarote
  • And next door, another new beach, playa Lambra. Nice, windy, but not a bit of shade, so it’s starting to kick in after all that bike riding!
playa lambra ile la graciosa
playa lambra la graciosa island
  • Finally, we return to the other side of the Aguja Grande volcano, which is as attractive as ever. In particular, we’ll pass by the island’s other village, Pedro Barba. Well, now it’s just a few houses for rent, to get away from civilization. But it’s got to be said, it’s a great setting!
la graciosa canary islands

Discover the different beaches of the island

In addition to the Playa de las Conchas in the north, I would really have liked to show you all the beaches in the south of the island. But I had the fabulous idea of going there by bike. On a sandy road. Clever chap. So I somehow managed to get to the superb Playa del Salado, in particular to watch the sunset. But there are other beaches which, it seems, are superb!

  • Playa Francesca is very famous. I got close to it before I lost the thread of the path (and was even more in the sand than the sandy path, in short). It was late in the day, so I didn’t get to see the famous clarity of the water. But the setting is truly magnificent.
  • From here, you can continue to Playa de la Cocina, at the foot of the volcano. A very small beach with hardly anyone on it, but which (it seems) offers a superb contrast between its turquoise water and the yellow/orange earth of the volcano.
beach las conchas la graciosa

Enjoy the beautiful sunsets

The climate is super favorable there, all year round, so you can see some very, very beautiful sunsets.

The setting is truly magnificent, so whether you’re on the beaches or near the volcanoes, you’ll have superb views as well as colors. That’s why I recommend spending at least one night here, to enjoy the sunsets and sunrises, which are really worth it, as you can see below.

My favorite viewpoint was from Playa Salado (yes, where I got stuck in the sand, but I didn’t get very far afterwards). You’ve got Lanzarote, you can see the volcanoes, the sea, the dunes, it’s close to the village.

But I’m sure that from the center, from the central road or (even better) from Aguja grande or Montana del Mojon, the views must be perfect. All you need is the courage to climb, which I didn’t have ahah!

sunset la graciosa lanzarote canary islands
Sunset la graciosa lanzarote

Discover Caleta del Sebo

Well, it’s still a very quiet little village, especially in low season, but it’s quite pleasant without necessarily having anything specific to see.

I liked the white Lanzarote-style architecture and the pretty houses on the seafront, especially as you head north along the shore.

At the harbour, there are bars, a small beach and a nice place to have a drink. So you’ve got everything you need, a nice setting, and you can move away a little to get a nice view.

caleta del sebo la graciosa canaries

How to get to the island of La Graciosa

Getting to La Graciosa is pretty straightforward. You have to go by boat from Lanzarote, and more precisely from Orzola.

  • The journey takes 25 minutes
  • a return ticket costs 28€ (book it here).
  • Select a day and time for the outward journey.
  • You can return the same day or the day after!

The boats are good. There’s wifi just in case (but with European roaming there’s usually no need). You can board with your bike at no extra cost, but no car. There’s free parking next door, 5 minutes away, (it fills up fast) but also a paying parking lot.

There are 10 trips between Lanzarote and La Graciosa. Here’s the timetable:

  • From Orzola to La Graciosa: 8.30am / 10am / 11am / 12pm / 1.30pm / 4pm / 5pm / 6pm / 7pm / 8pm
  • From la Graciosa to Lanzarote: 8am / 8.40am / 10am / 11am / 12.30pm / 3pm / 4pm / 5pm / 6pm / 7pm

If you don’t have a car, you can still come with a pick-up from your hotel. It happens here!

Caleta del sebo la graciosa

Discover La Graciosa on a catamaran!

Another, slightly chillier way to discover Graciosa is by catamaran. Climb aboard a beautiful boat, kayak, snorkel, enjoy the beaches and sail around the island. Nice touch: meals and bar are included.

However, this is not a tour of the island, so you won’t be on land for long before returning to Lanzarote.

Basically, you spend 5 hours on the boat. You’ll be picked up at your hotel (if you’re staying at one of the island’s main resorts), including food and drinks, for 64€. Not bad!

Practical information on the island of La Graciosa

When to come to La Graciosa

Easy! You can come all season without any problem. I was there in January, and the weather was lovely, sunny and not too hot.

But it’s never too hot in the Canaries, even in summer, so in summer you’ll have more people without anyone stepping on each other’s toes. You’ll also have more restaurants open, more accommodation and more service providers.

Because in the low season, there really aren’t many people around, and many lodgings and bike rentals, for example, are closed, La Graciosa is a great place to visit in any season!

vincent voyage instagram northern lights norway

How long to stay

Most people come for a day, making the round trip within the day from Lanzarote. A day of touring by 4×4 or bike, then leaving on one of the last boats. That’s great! But for my part, I think it’s a bit of a shame.

Ok, the island isn’t very big, but there’s easily enough to occupy a whole day, or two. And above all, I think it’s important to be able to spend the night there to enjoy the superb sunset.

What I did, and what I really think is a good idea, was to spend 2 nights and 1 full day there. That is to say, go there at the end of the day, enjoy the sunset in the dunes, do the bike tour the next day (or the beaches, or both!), stay another evening eating seafood and leave the next morning to enjoy the morning in the north of Lanzarote.

That is, provided you have accommodation available, which isn’t necessarily the case. So yes, one day is already very good! 🙂

Some people can spend 4/5 days here without any problem. Far from civilisation, you have the most beautiful beaches, incredible sunsets. So, perfect to relax!

la graciosa view over mirador lanzarote

Where to sleep in La Graciosa

Here too, it’s very seasonal. Quite a few accommodations are closed in the low season, but there are still possibilities all year round, whether in private homes, bed & breakfasts or hotels.

The offer is becoming interesting compared to a few years ago, and we have good accommodation. On the other hand, prices are going very fast for the high season, so you’d better hurry!

You’ll find only apartments in Caleta de Sebo, and they’re fairly uniform, costing around €100 a night. I’ve put 4 examples below, but feel free to look at all the accommodation in La Graciosa.

If you don’t want to sleep in La Gracisa, then you can take a look at the list of hotels in Lanzarote.


  • A good, inexpensive option
  • 8.3/10 on Booking!
  • From €55


  • A beautiful 100m² apartment
  • 8.8/10 on Booking
  • From €100


  • A magnificent view
  • At the water’s edge
  • From €125


  • Superb, 150m²
  • 9.1/10 on Booking
  • From 200€!

Some restaurants

Well, it’s not easy to find something good and affordable here.

A fun experiment is La Caletilla Casa Chano. A rotten welcome, but the octopus and squid are really really good (and not too expensive). It’s an experience because the prices vary from one menu to another, from one customer to another, and you feel more like a nuisance than anything else. If you’ve got the guts, go for it!

For a little more conviviality, we’ll fall back on K’ Alegranza, a nice resto-bar with good service and decent food.


And there you have it! I hope I’ve inspired you to discover this beautiful little island, Lanzarote’s little sister.

Between the superb beaches, the craters, the nice boat trip (or even catamaran!), you’re sure to have a great day 🙂 And don’t forget the exceptional views from the miradors facing Lanzarote, like the mirador del Rio! You can find the following articles on Lanzarote :

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